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“Do you like Tom Clancy? If so, you'll like this book [The Labyrinth Key]. It's that simple. Any other comparison fails to capture the essence of Howard V. Hendrix's writing and this tale in particular.”

Stuart Jaffe
infinity plus



Vice President (two terms), Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 2005-2007.

Recognized as Pioneering Founder of the Fresno Center for Nonviolence, 2005.

Board of Directors, Highway 168 Fire Safe Council, 2005-present

Board of Directors, Sierra and Foothill Citizens Alliance, 2004-present

Western Regional Director, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 2000-03.

President, Pine Ridge Property Owners Association, 2002-04.

Served as one of three judges on the Endeavour Award, and as Award presenter, 2002.

Invited speaker, reader and interviewee in numerous forums, 1997-2007.
Chair of Grant Committee and Education Committee, and organizer of annual Highway 168 Fire Safe Festival for Highway 168 Fire Safe Council, 2000-2002.

Vice President, Pine Ridge Property Owners Association, 2000-02.

Volunteer Firefighter, Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, 2000-present.

Keynote speaker at Chinese University of Hong Kong’s “Eaton Hong Kong 2001: East Meets West in the Emerging Global Village,” January 2001, and at 1999 J. Lloyd Eaton Conference: At the Crossroads of Snow’s Two Cultures.

Profiled nationally in Locus Magazine (1999) and locally in Fresno Bee (1997-present).

Chair of Credits and Ethics Committee, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 1998-2000.

Board Member and Honorary Board Member, Fresno Center for Non-Violence, 1992- present.

Nebula Award nominee (several times), Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, 1986-1994.

Pushcart Prize nominee, 1989, for “The Art of Memory.”

Recipient of Central Methodist College Faculty Development Grant, 1989.

Developer and co-teacher of “Peace, Justice, Conflict Resolution” course for Philosophy/Religious Studies Department, Central Methodist College, 1989.

Profiled in Riverside Press-Enterprise, July 23, 1986.

First Prize Winner, Writers of the Future Contest, 1985.

Recipient of NEH Grant for research in England, 1984.

Received scholarships to Aspen and Squaw Valley writers’ conferences, 1983.

Winner of Polonsky Fiction Prize, 1983, for “Bad/Night/Vision.”



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