The Labyrinth Key

This November, Del Rey Books is pleased to publish, SPEARS OF GOD (Del Rey Trade Paperback Original; November 28, 2006; $14.95), the newest novel from acclaimed science fiction writer Howard V. Hendrix. This stand-alone novel features the return of some of the favorite characters from The Labyrinth Key (Del Rey; March 2004), including master spy James Brescoll, computer wizards Don Markham, Karuna Benson, and the machine intelligence Medea-Indahar.

The world’s oil resources have dwindled. The rich are turning richer and the power-mongers are becoming more powerful. China and the United States dominate the globe in a geopolitical chess match. The human mind has merged with the cybergrid, yet the human race seems not to have evolved much at all.
On a remote South American mountain, two scientists stumble on a grisly scene. Here, while trying to protect an ancient sacred rock, a primitive tribe has been slaughtered. No witnesses remain to reveal what could have inspired such carnage. Or so it would seem.
In the international arena, meanwhile, a new global race is on: a weapon capable of tipping the balance of power is discovered. Among the competitors are a National Security Agency director who is playing at an elaborate doublecross within his own agency and a vengeance-seeking Israeli meteorite hunter. Shamans and zealots, geniuses and madmen—all seek to unlock mysteries that fell to earth millennia ago. But the key lies with four mute children who may unwittingly hold the secret to the planet’s survival—or its destruction.
Praise for The Labyrinth Key
"[A] tight thriller with a clever historical basis."–Booklist
"A taut, suspenseful tale of near-future sf intrigue and action..."–Library Journal
"Howard Hendrix can be claimed as one of our very best."–Locus
About the Author
An acclaimed hard science fiction author, HOWARD HENDRIX holds a B.S. in biology as well as M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English literature. He has held jobs ranging from hospital phlebotomist (blood letter) to fish hatchery manager to university professor. He has been writing for a number of years, producing award-winning short fiction, including a story that was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His novels include Lightpaths, Standing Wave, Better Angels, Empty Cities of the Full Moon, and The Labyrinth Key. He is married and lives in central California.