The original release statement from 1997 is below, but note: 

Lightpaths was re-released, revised and with a new Afterword, by Borgo Press in 2011.



Welcome to the Orbital Complex

A self-contained city above the Earth, an orbiting Utopia for four thousand permanent residents. All of whom are about to learn that there is no such thing as Utopia.
The New York Review of Science Fiction has called him "brilliant." He has been nominated for the Nebula Award and the Pushcart Prize for his short fiction. Now Howard V. Hendrix unleashes his imagination to create an unforgettable first novel that melds the heart and soul of hard science fiction with the twisting consciousness of virtual reality. The result is nothing short of extraordinary.
"A bravura debut from a writer who is sure to become one of SF's biggest names. Howard V. Hendrix takes us on a mindbending exploration of the nature of consciousness. The book's characters are real people, and their philosophical musings are engrossing."
Robert J. Sawyer