Standing Wave

Earlier release material is below, but note: Standing Wave was re-released, revised and with a new Afterword, in 2011.



At the surface of the world's oceans the voices of dolphins in air called excitedly, reacting to what the light had given them

Standing Wave is a free-standing novel which can be read alone or as the second written and second published (but last, in overall story arc) of the loose troika of books that make up the Tetragrammaton series. Lightpaths (ACE 1997) was the first published and first written (but second, in story arc chronology) of the Tetragrammaton novels. Better Angels (November 1999) will be the last published and last written (but first,in story arc chronology) of the Tetragrammaton series.
Standing Wave continues the exploration of good/evil, madness/sanity already seen to a lesser degree in Lightpaths. The scientific authority base for Standing Wave, however, can be found in physics and consciousness theory; the scientific background in Lightpaths was the biological and social sciences.
Standing Wave explores the impermanence of the changes wrought by the flashing of Jiro's "Light" into the universe. SW deals with the counterrevolution of darkness in response to Jiro's revolution of Light. Forces ranging from Fundamentalist soldier/spy Ray Dalke, to the brilliant and psychotic systems master who calls himself Phelonious Manque, to the comatose human-computer and infosphere parallel murderer "Hugh Manatee" -- all these and more array themselves as unknowing pawns in the cosmic game played by the Allesseh, the selfish godlike alien construct who refuses to take the last step of self-sacrifice required of it, a step which, once taken, would allow the universe as a whole to become fully conscious and transcendent.
Spacecraft designer and fireboarder Brandi Easter, Interpol crime profiler and virtuality expert Mei-Ling Magnus, "Hugh Manatee" tender and biomed-computing graduate student Aleck McAleister, Paul and Jacinta Larkin, even Roger Cortland (the "villain" of Lightpaths now reformed and rehabilitated by the Light) -- all of these and their many friends and connections on the side of the Light run through the five major plotlines of earthly murders and heavenly physics in Standing Wave, weaving a tale in which the fate of individuals, cities, nations, humanity, and even the universe itself hangs in the balance. The characters in Standing Wave ultimately play for the highest stakes imaginable: the destruction or transcendence of the entire universe.